4 Amazing Cover Letter Hacks


 Hacking not limited to computers!

Utilize These Four Hacks To Create A Dynamic Cover letter

  1. Lead With Your Assets: Ask yourself what do I bring to the table? How can I improve a company? Answer these questions in the form of a strong passionate statement. Use rich words to capture the employers attention!
  2. Short & Simple: A cover letter should be no more than a 150 words. Employers are usually short on time, therefore it is ideal to attach a cover letter to your resume.
  3. Address The Employer Properly: Keep in mind hiring managers can be either male or female therefore address them as such. A cover letter should start off as Dear, Hiring Manager.
  4. Leave A Lasting Impression: Remember the goal is to always stand out from the bunch. Invite the employer to schedule an interview with you, thank the employer for their time, and end with sincerely.


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