8 Easy-Peasy Steps To A Winning Resume

 People of all ages are faced with the challenge of how to create a unique resume to make their name stand out from the bunch. Once upon a time I was a seventeen year old High School graduate who never worked a day in her life. Sounds like the beginning of a disastrous life and a never ending cycle of trying to land a job. However, this was not the case for me I luckily learned fast about the art of resume writing. The benefits of having a winning resume is crucial.  

     Use These 8 Easy Steps To Show Up & Stand Out

  1. Format is Key: when creating a resume be sure to examine multiple resumes to look at the format. There are even templates that will allow you to create a professional, clean, and precise resume.
  2. Resumes must focus on a desired goal: Job-seekers must keep in mind that employers review resumes extremely quickly. A potential employer should immediately grasp what you want to do and how you can be an asset to their company. This can be accomplished by using a objective. An objective should be short and to the point.
  3. Tailor Made: Ensure your resume is geared towards the position you are applying to. This is critical in the land of sending out resumes. For example if you are applying for a customer service position focus on that. Use words that show how you enjoy working in the customer service field. Resumes must be cohesive at all times! If this is not the case I assure you your resume is headed towards the trash.
  4. Top five best fonts According to HuffingtonPost: Garamond, Arial, Georgia, Helvetica, & Calibri. I am surprised that Times New Roman failed to make their list but, personally all my resumes are in this font. I have never had any issues trust me on this.
  5. Highlight Your Strengths & Accomplishments: Sell yourself by creating a summary that focuses on who you are as a employee. This should be on top of the resume because it will capture an employers attention immediately. Make sure to use rich words to make your resume stand out from the bunch.
  6. Let Me Upgrade You: Never use words such as Cashier, Counselor, and Home Health Aide. Do use words that present a more professional feel for potential employers remember you are a brand. Sales Associate, Assistant Teacher, Home Caregiver. These words are more polished and provides a more professional feel.
  7. Evaluate Your Past Jobs: Eliminate the clutter a resume should only have 3 past job experiences. It should state the duties performed in a professional tone. It must also tie into the current position you are applying for. A resume should always be one page unless the resume is filled with exceptional companies.
  8. Create A Cover letter: Cover letters are great ways to stand out of the bunch. Most people will leave out a cover letter with the beliefs a resume is a enough. Wrong a cover letter is an excellent way to tell the employer why you are the one to hire. This is also a great way to way to ask for a personal interview with the employer.

Tip: Before sending any resumes out check for grammar, errors, and ensure all emails and phone number are up to date. I’m sure you would not want to miss a callback!

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