Dress To Impress

Have you ever heard the saying your first impression is your last impression? This is true especially when dealing with employers. Let’s think about it employers are always short on time and skim through everything! I know you’re probably thinking even my outfit? Yes, your outfit too! Employers can be judgmental right from the jump so it is best to show up and show out!

An outfit should always speak to the person you are. Your style defines who you are as a whole. As a college student, I have taken on an array of jobs in my life. I have worked in many different fields. Fast food, retail, specialty market, and youth development. Each one of these jobs required their own attire I had to abide by. Personally speaking, never dress for the position you are in but, for the position you want. I suggest you keep this in mind when figuring out what should I wear to my interview?

Retail stores such as Old Navy, & Forever21 speaks to the younger generation. These stores are looking for employees who are trendy and fresh. The look they are going for is a fresh look with a bit of an edge. If you are interviewing with Old Navy or Forever21 Look for on their website for outfits become inspired. Dress trendy wear the stores brand to show the employers that the brand speaks to you.In luxury retail stores such as Macy’s & Bloomingdale’s, I advise you to wear all black! Trust me I know from experience. Once upon a time, I was a 22-year-old, who worked at Macy’s 34th street to be exact. Black on top of Black was the style. Luxury retailers are looking for a business look and black looks professional. I know you’re probably thinking Black?? Believe it or not, you can dress up black. Look for cute blazers, dress pants & don’t forget the LBD. Little Black Dress was always a summer staple for myself & co-workers in the summer. You can also do your makeup and overload on jewelry to make your look pop.

Fast Food is a more casual environment. Most fast food places you are forced to wear to wear a uniform. So how do I dress for an interview for White Castle? I know you’re thinking why White Castle and not Mickey D’s? The answer is simple I Ashley use to be a White Castle employee Guilty. I worked there for 6 months and the smell of onions seeps through the uniform. But, that’s beside the point. If you are interviewing with a fast food or specialty markets such as whole foods and fairway go casual. Khakis with a cute top and a blazer are fine. As long as you look neat and clean you should be fine. Hair should be pulled back in a bun or ponytail especially when working with food. Remember to speak to the brand!

Youth development is a casual fun environment unless you are the site director or assistant director like myself. Back in 2013, I took a job as an after school counselor. I remember being extremely nervous because I wanted the job so badly. I showed up at my interview in cargo pants and a dressy summer top. I did not show up at the interview overly dressed because I knew I would be working with kids. Show up and be present do not wear hook earrings they look at this as a danger. Stay clear of a lot of makeup and jewelry should be kept to a minimum. If you have tattoos cover up. Most after school programs provide staff with a company shirt to identify their employees. Khakis, cargo pants and sometimes jeans are ok.

“Dressing well is a form of good manners”

Tom Ford 

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