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If you read the title I’m sure like ugh another one of those MLM scams, sorry this is not the case. here I will provide you with a significant list of legit companies in which you need little to nothing to start. It is simple all you need is modern technology and a decent internet provider and a free PayPal account. No experience necessary. I myself was not conceived at first but, as of last week, I have made $20.00 dollars from one company. Yes, 20.00 bucks in a matter of two days. Please keep in mind I am a struggling college student with a part-time job. The struggle is real so I decided to look for ways I could make an extra few dollars here and there. No, I am not looking to get rich off of any of these companies but, you can make enough for bills. If you are dedicated enough. A friend of mines made $600.00 dollars from one of the companies, again you won’t get rich or maybe you will

PlaytestCloud: This is a company in which you test mobile games from your smartphone. type this company in through Google and select the option of becoming a tester. The company will ask you a series of gaming questions this is perfect for those who love to play mobile games. Before you can become a tester a test will be given to see if you qualify. My advice to you is talk and talk a lot because you are giving feedback on mobile games that are still in the developing stages. This test must also be taken in a quiet location and headphones with a cord are needed for testing. All information must be kept confidential and cannot be disclosed. The test is fairly easy and simple and before you know it this company will send you games to test often. Depending on how to answer the survey you can receive two – three test a week. Game review payouts vary but, there are a ton of bonuses so read carefully. A PayPal account is required and the company pays same day with an hour or less.

There is a company out there in which one can earn money on a daily basis. I have a friend who earned over $600.00 dollars. For a small fee of $8.99, you to could make 600.00 dollars. This is not an MLM scam nor do you have to hound anyone for their time or money. This is all up to you and trusts me it will pay off. All you have to do is follow these 3 easy steps and sign up and begin to make money every day. I myself was extremely skeptical, I am the biggest skeptic around. Last night I decided to take the chance and spend my $8.99. I was lucky enough to use the money I made from PlaytestCloud and I am very happy I did. I am almost at the point of cashing out yes in a day so my friend was right. A PayPal account is needed as well. Hint, Hint: Step 1 is the one my friend made over $600.00 dollars on and yes a tax form must be submitted. Click the link below to start making money http://payhip.com/b/kU23/af592eeaaf0bea2today

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