Hitting Your Mark

Hitting Your Mark!

Congratulations it is interview day! The chance is here for you sell yourself in a big way. After creating a fabulous resume and an exceptional cover letter you were the chosen one! Many approach this day excited yet nervous. Nervous because they are unsure of how to market their product. Think of yourself as an item on a shelf that is about to expire. How are you going to make sure you are the one everyone wants?

  • Arrive On Time: Never arrive late to an interview leave your house two hours before the time of an interview. Traffic or subway and bus issues can occur so please keep this in mind. The first impression is the best impression.
  • Look Presentable & Approachable: Greet your potential employer with a gigantic smile & a firm handshake. Hiring Managers Male or Female enjoy meeting people with a pleasant look. Think of something funny to put a cheese on your face.
  • Speak Of Past Accomplishments: No matter the place of employment either big or small do your research! Research is the way to an employer’s heart. It shows that you have a legit interest in the company and want the position.
  • Dress Appropriately: The proper attire for an interview is slacks and a dress blouse or shirt. If its summer time or winter a nice pencil skirt with a blazer or blouse is suitable. Never show up in Jeans! depending on the job you may dress up khakis. Men should always wear a tie. Women don’t wear sandals! Flats, or kitten heel are suitable. Ladies keep jewelry at a minimum. Huge hoop earrings are a No-No studs are more appropriate. Make up should also be kept at bay and for men please clean up the facial hair.
  • Confidence Is Key: Show your confidence by sitting up straight and speaking in a clear loud tone. Always use proper language when answering questions. Listen to each question carefully and maintain eye contact at all times.

These are all tricks that are key for landing the job you desire!

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