Reality TV A Successful Job?

The idiocracy of reality television has taken the world by storm! Almost every cable channel is surrounded by a reality television show. Remember the good old days when there were actually family shows on TV where everyone could watch? The Cosby Show, Family Matters, and The Fresh Prince to name a few. Each show displayed a family that had values, goals and real life messages young people could relate to. Unfortunately, those days are O-V-E-R! Reality TV is becoming the highlight of everyone’s life. Monday nights you catch your favorite reality stars acting a fool on the popular show Love & Hip Hop. Love & Hip Hop is a docusoap franchise created by Mona Scott-Young. It is a platform in which rappers show their family struggles, relationship troubles, and outright drama. The glorification of this outlandish show is a sign that our society is going in the wrong direction.

The images being portrayed on Love and Hip Hop sends out the wrong message to the young viewers who are watching. Let’s face facts parents are not watching these kids 24/7 Preteens and Teens watch Love and Hip Hop! I’m not saying it is the fault of the show because it is an adult docu-soap but, the women and men portrayed on this show are not our reality. Women are seen as sexual objects and many have had tons of work done! who the fuck can keep up with that? The majority were strippers. The men are almost always portrayed as an African American / Latino male with a side chick and multiple children and tons of baby mama’s. Let us look at the bigger picture these people are out here collecting paychecks laughing all the way to the bank.

 If this is so called “reality” maybe I should find my way to a reality show. The cash me outside girl became a viral sensation overnight for her disrespect and her ridiculous catch phrase… and to top it off she just landed her own reality show. If this is the get rich quick scheme count me in! Why should I work hard to be a decent citizen when American is praising all the wrong things?


The good old days 

Vs Today



  1. Kanani B.

    Couldn’t agree more that when I was growing up I saw a different version of the cool, black family than what I see now. It’s discouraging and disgraceful that we don’t have more shows depicting what we want to be in reality (lawyers/judges/doctors/business owners) vs. what this fake TV reality dishes out. You’re right, I cannot monitor my kids viewing all the time but thankfully the parental controls block it out, at least in my home. But what about other peoples house and hearing it glorified on TV stations, too? All I can do is smh and try and teach my kids to do better bc they know better!

    1. bloggingwithladya Post author

      I couldn’t agree more!

  2. Cristal Clear

    I totally agree. I barely turn on my tv for these exact reasons. Too much garbage . Then we wonder why everyone is walking around disrespecting everybody smh it’s sad

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