Straight Out Of College & Lost

As the spring semester comes to a close and summer 2017 is on the horizon college students who are in their last semesters will be official 2017 graduates. Congratulations is in order!  My time is coming fall 2017, once college is over many graduates ask the question whats next? As the economy is still recovering, minimum wage on the rise and Trump as our (sorry can’t say that). You get the picture how can we survive? I myself am in the same boat as everyone else. As a part-time worker in the field of Youth development I struggle. I struggle for multiple reasons for one I have bills. I constantly find myself looking for ways to alleviate my problems. I’m almost a college graduate with an Associate degree and I still feel lost! I have built a concrete resume and an ironclad cover letter, finding jobs are not my issue. My issue is picking a career. I am honestly all over the place but, I find that I am not the only one. My boyfriend and friends feel the same way. My boyfriend and I will sit on the phone for hours evaluating our lives and trying to figure out who we want to be in this lifetime. He his an artist / coder who is extremely creative, I am creative in a sense of writing. I am more comfortable performing Administrative work. My worries that I tend to be faced with once I graduate and earn a BA will I be able to gain a job in my field? Will I come out of college earning the bottom dollar? How can I make my way to the top? Should I enter into the world of Social Work (even though everyone keeps saying there is no money in that). After going through legit job sites such as I have come to the realization that experience trumps everything. More importantly its honestly about who you know rather than what you know. This is unfair in so many ways but, I know my worth and my level of knowledge and how I can be an asset to any career I choose. Which ever field I choose it will be one of substance where I can make a difference in one’s life. Either that or become my own Boss #Goals 

“If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart you’ll know when you find it”

Steve Jobs


  1. Kanani B.

    I think your concerns and reservations are common for someone in your position. I do believe that everyone has to start somewhere and whether that means starting on your own or starting with an already established company…you have to START somewhere. No one just wakes and makes it. Excited for your new ventures!

  2. lpasqualis Post author

    The world of tech is really hot right now, and your boyfriend should look in areas where there is a high concentration of tech companies (Seattle and Silicon Valley to name two) I have been in the tech industry for 30 years, so let me know if you need any direction

    1. Ashley Post author

      That would be great if you could share some information. He wants to be a front-end developer. He has having a rough time finding a job in his line of work. BTW we are in NYC.

    2. Ashley Post author

      He’s a beginner he is learning JavaScript, HTML he knows he is also a talented artist

  3. reflectionofdes

    I know you’re excited your college journey is finishing up. It’s good that you’re trying to figure things out ahead of time. I pray that you find a career that’s best for you!

    1. bloggingwithladya Post author

      Thank you so much.

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