The Hope Opera

On July 14th I will be a twenty-eight-year-old young woman who has graduated college but has never received a promotion from any company she has step foot in. How many people like me are out here? My experience in youth development has been a rewarding bumpy ride that makes for a great book. My time spent in this field has become an eye opener. Mind you it is only a three-hour part-time job that is fairly easy but, can teach you a multitude of things. Never in my life have I had so many things expire at a job in a span of six months! Continue to read and enter into the Hope Opera as I like to call it. 

Over the years I have worked a ton of jobs, I pride myself on being a good employee. In my current job, I entered with a positive outlook and willing to work hard. I currently work as an Assistant Director for an Afterschool program. I have plenty experience in youth development so I knew I was more than capable of succeeding in my current position. My job duties entail filing, data entry, and planning. My first day on the job I immediately noticed the lack of enthusiasm in my supervisor’s staff. Counselors and Specialist are to engage with a group of Middle Schoolers at all times and I can honestly say this was not happening. I instantly became annoyed at the lack of structure and the laziness. My last job where I had come from would have never stood for that, not for one second.

I could not understand why my supervisor allowed this to happen, I really thought and these men are getting paid for what???? I eventually was able to sit down and have a conversation with my supervisor on what I observed. The conversation helped me to better understand but, still, I knew this cannot go on any longer. I really wondered how this after school was not shut down by DOE, and DOH. I knew that I had the knowledge on what a successful afterschool program visually looked like. I knew that I could be the one to make a difference but, in order for this to happen my supervisor had to be on board one hundred percent. Luckily she was. We sat down and came up with a plan to put into action immediately. That first meeting that we had I spoke bluntly and openly I let everyone know if they did this where I came from all of them would be out of a job. To say the least, they hated me, I did not care. I knew that the people I worked around were men who are less than capable. I am not judgemental but, I will call it like I see it. Young people are the only one’s who sign up to be counselors and that’s what her staff is a group of young males lost in the world. 

Over time the staff, supervisor and I would have meetings. I quickly noticed even after the meetings there was little to no change. As time went on I began to check out little by little my patience with the situation began to wear thin. I forgot to mention there are two separate programs in the school and my supervisor did a swap with the man who received a promotion. His promotion was based solely on his friendship with his boss. The first day I entered the job I never saw the other supervisor work a day in my life. His job entailed of joking with his staff, making comments on women’s body parts and looking up YouTube videos. One of his staff members who was his friend was applying for his position. This guy is a young man who feels as if he has a lot to prove. He is a real kiss ass but, failed to get the position of Site Director. The company played him completely. The company went with a man who has a Master’s Degree but, too much attitude. To make a long story short, the man they hired as Site Director was chosen based off of the merit of friendship.My supervisor felt bad and hired the guy who interviewed for the Site Director position. and I immediately noticed his nature and that he kissed ass. He even jokes about it. At first, he was cool for a couple months in I immediately became turned off. Turned off by his views and his nature. He got on my nerves so bad I began to work outside of the office because I did not want to deal with his dumb ish. He did his job while trying to do everyone else job as well. The kids disliked him with a passion and the staff equally.

The new Site Director came into my place of business and rubbed the principal the wrong way. He is a very arrogant man who is unable to cope with being told what to do. The short time he spent as Site Director things got out of hand. The final straw came and the company was forced to fire him. His attitude was bigger than his knowledge of common sense. Once the supervisor was fired there were rumors of an older supervisor entering the picture. This is a man who loves structure and had both programs running smoothly. Mind you I have only been at this job for a total of 6 months and so much has gone down. Many of the staff that works with my supervisor knew this man far too well. My supervisor and the man who received the promotion is the two who replaced him. I have heard his name a dozen times I was nervous and excited to meet him. The time finally came for him to enter the business again. He came in the beginning of May. He introduced himself to me and said he heard such great things about me. This made me feel good. The guy that my supervisor decided to give a chance to and paid him a ridiculous amount of money decided to be a turncoat. A week had not even gone by, and he went back to the other side with the old supervisor. He believes this man is grooming him to be Site Director for September. My supervisor gave this young man a chance and believed he was a friend of hers. Without a second thought, he left her for more money and opportunity. She feels funny about him leaving her in the dust. This situation allowed me to see how people operate in the workplace. People are out for one thing and that is themselves.

I never acted like this but, sometimes I wonder should I? given the opportunity should I just bounce and not think twice about another person’s feelings? In the workplace, I can honestly say friendship, and kissing ass gets one so far. In my most humble opinion, I believe my work should speak for itself. I never look for any type of recognition at work either because I know I am not going to receive it and that is fine. A raise in pay would be nice but, I have yet to see one at my current job. I believe the reason why I never received a promotion because I never kissed ass. I have received raises based off my work ethic but, why do I have to make friends with a someone to move up. I am always cordial, let me clear up the word “friendship” I mean knowing someone for a long period of time like a family type of friendship. All in all, I know I am a very capable smart young lady with a lot of ideas, I can be very creative and will shine my light when the time is right. 

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